Quality of perfection.
Perfection of quality

Global Insulator Group celebrates the 15th anniversary this year!

Over the years, the company has united 5 large enterprises for the production of glass, porcelain, polymer insulators and linear fittings for power lines, stations and substations. 2 new plants were opened in Kazakhstan and India, and the production base of the flagship enterprise, YuAIZ was significantly updated.

The production of glass insulators increased to 13 million/piece in 2020. This ensures the Global Insulator Group market leadership in Russia and the CIS and the second place in sales in the world.

An important role in the holding's strategy is assigned to research and development, implementation of modern insulation monitoring systems and new types of polymer coatings for insulators.

In this anniversary year, the Management Company of Global Insulator Group moved to a modern office building in the historical and business center of Yekaterinburg, which undoubtedly expands the horizons of the holding's development and forms new long-term plans.