Quality of perfection.
Perfection of quality


Global Insulator Group invests in the state of the art equipment to produce high-tech products and guarantee its high quality. We have been manufacturing glass insulators since 60s last century and developed its production processes due to the market requirements. Today’s manufacturing process is much different from those years decades ago.

We understand market demand for high-quality products. Thus, we have digitized all manufacturing processes and perform 24/7 quality control from receiving of raw materials and to the shipment of products. Moreover, due to the double control at the stage of batch preparation and additional third thermal shock we may guarantee that GIG glass insulators do not have any foreign inclusions.


High-tech Automatic Lines for Production Glass Shells                                Automatic Hardening Machine                                                                                
Electrical Gas Feder 3d Thermal Shock Furnace
Automatic Press Modern Glass Furnaces 
Pre-heating Machine  Computer Automated Process

In 2013, Global Insulator Group implemented in Estonia new high-tech manufacture GIG Polymer for production composite insulators. In 2019 additional facilities for the production of line composite insulators with the voltage up to 35 kV put into service at AO "YuAIZ" in Russia. 

GIG ensures highest quality of the produced insulators by developing its technical characteristics and implementing new manufacturing technologies. High quality is confirmed by independent domestic and international test laboratories.

Casting up to 5m Long in One Molding Cycle Design of End-Fitting to Reduce Electrical Field
Inclined Sheds with Variable Diameter Reduce the Chance of Flashover Tracking Erosion Resistance at least 3000h. at a Rate of 1000h. (IEC 61109)   
Bubble Free Technology Homogeneous Structure without joints